Facebook Notification Settings

Since Facebook joined the long list of social media networks, the platform has served as the best medium for people to communicate with one other, with several features enabled on the platform, you can easily add friends both old and new across the world! The Facebook notifications feature is one of the many amazing features available on the platform.

With this feature, you can get a reminder of things that matter. However, this feature can also be a real distraction. The social media giant offers several types of notifications. Most of these are useful, but some are not. That said, based on your preference, you can manage and choose what notifications you receive and disable others.

In this guide, we will discuss extensively the Facebook notification settings and shared methods to turn on/off Facebook notifications in different categories.

What will be discussed?

  1. Step by step to turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications on both Web and App
  2. Methods to Stop Notifications about Friends’ Posts/Status Updates
  3. Ways to Stop Facebook Group’s Notifications
  4. Customizing Facebook Page Notification Settings
  5. How to stop comments’ Notifications on Facebook

Step by step to turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications on both Web and App

Since Facebook’s inception, the platform has been known to remind friends of each other’s birthday. This has eliminated any chance of forgetting your friend’s birthday. Personally, this is the way I get to know certain people’s birthday daily.

Now, we will see how to enable/disable the Facebook birthday notifications feature.

We will start with how to do this on PC


Method 1: Enable/Disable Birthday Reminder On Facebook Full Website

Follow this step if you are accessing your Facebook account from a PC

  1. Launch Facebook in any browser of your choice and log in to your account.
  2. From your account homepage, click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner and select Settings.
  3. Under Settings, choose notifications from the left sidebar.
  4. Locate and click on the Facebook row at the top.
  5. Under the label “What You Get Notified About”, you should see Birthdays. Click on the drop-down menu and select On/Off as desired to either enable or disable Facebook Birthday Notifications.


Method 2: Enable or Disable Facebook Birthday Notification on iPhone/Android App

The step to disable Facebook birthday notification is similar on Facebook apps for all devices, so regardless of the device you access Facebook from, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FB app on your smartphone and tap on the menu at the bottom right corner.
  2. Locate and select Settings, this should be located at the bottom of the page and then click on Account Settings.
  3. Next, select Notifications.
  4. Under “What Notifications You Get”, select birthday.
  5. Check/Uncheck the box next to Get notifications to enable or disable the settings respectively.

Methods to Stop Notifications about Friends’ Posts/Status Updates

Do you have thousands of friends on Facebook and each time these friends post an update or upload status, you get notified by Facebook? This notification includes those of random friends who are not even on your Close Friends list. Well, this sounds absurd, but this is the reality most of us face. Fortunately, we will reveal the solution to stop notifications from Facebook friend’s profile and status update.

Tired of the notification, “Mr. ABC” added a new Photo, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the icon at the top right corner for mobile app users
  2. Next, choose Settings which can be found at the bottom and from the settings options, select Account Settings.
  3. Under Settings, select Notifications.
  4. Afterward, choose close friends activity under “What Notifications You Get”.
  5. Finally, tick off the Get notifications by tapping on it. As the case may be in your device or application version, you may be required to simply toggle on the Allow Notifications Facebook button to OFF.

If prompted to confirm, simply confirm to save your new settings.

That is the simple and short way of disabling notifications for Facebook friend’s update, if you wish to disable notification for a specific friend, simply follow the steps listed in the method below

Disable notification from a particular Facebook Friends Status Updates

To disable notification from a specific Facebook friend, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app and go the profile of that particular friend
  2. Under their profile, tap on Friends and select Edit Friend Lists.
  3. Select Acquaintances from the next page that loads and tap on done at the top right corner.
  4. The previous action will remove the friend from Close Friends List and this implies you won’t get notifications about their new status updates. So if you have multiple friends you need to disable notifications from, repeat steps 1 to 4 above for each friend.

Ways to Stop Facebook Group’s Notifications

Facebook Groups allows several users to be added. Each time a user is added to the group, notifications of such an event are sent and received by all group members if it is not disabled. It is possible to save notifications for later read but this unwanted group notification is still something most people find annoying. So in this section, we will discuss how to turn off notifications for a specific Facebook group on Facebook’s full website using PC, for Android users and also for iOS.

Method 1: How to disable group Notifications on Android | iPhone | iPad

We will start with the mobile users, If you are an Android, iPhone, or iPad user and you wish to disable those annoying notifications you get from groups that you do not want, we will tell you how to do so even without unfollowing the group. The below steps will teach you how to turn off specific Facebook group notifications.

Note: The steps listed here are the same for Android as well as for iOS.

  1. Open the Facebook app, tap the menu icon at the top right. In iOS, this icon is located at the bottom.
  2. Locate Groups in the drop-down option and tap on it to list out all the Facebook Groups you belong to.
  3. From this list, choose the particular group you want to disable notifications for.
  4. Once the group interface comes up, tap on the info (i) icon at the top right. This will open Group Info. Here, you are required to search for and select Notifications.
  5. From the notifications option, locate and click on the “Off” option and tap it. Congrats, you’ve successfully turned off notifications for that particular Facebook group without unfollowing it.

Fast Alternative:

You can do a direct search from your Facebook homepage to access any of the groups you belong to and afterward continue from step 4.

Method 2: How to Disable All Facebook Groups Notifications At Once

I trust you enjoyed the previous section on how to disable notifications for specific groups, but there are cases when users get tired of group notifications and wish to simply delete for all groups. Wondering how you can disable notification for multiple groups at once, then follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Facebook App and tap on the menu icon from your account homepage.
  2. Locate Settings and tap on it.
  3. Under General, tap on Notifications Settings. This will list all the notification items and their current status (on or off).
  4. Look for the Groups option and tap on it to disable group notifications. Doing this will disable notifications for all the Facebook groups you belong to.

Method 3: How to Turn Off Facebook Group Notifications On PC

Now we will move to step by step guide to stop Facebook group notification on PC, follow these steps to disable notifications if you access the Facebook full website from your PC

  1. Initially, log in to your Facebook account on your PC.
  2. Then tap on the drop-down icon at the top right. From the list of options, click on Settings
  3. This next thing to do is look for the Notifications option on the left panel and click it. Once the notification settings come up, click on Edit next to “On Facebook“.
  4. Now scroll down and look for the Groups activity then click on Edit.
  5. A pop up with the list of all Facebook groups you’ve joined will come up.
  6. To disable the notifications for any particular Group, simply click on the group and toggle off to disable notifications from the list of options.

Customizing Facebook Page Notification Settings

Facebook users have one or more Facebook Pages to which they belong, managing these pages alone is a tough task to ask to talk less of checking through their notifications. We’ve discussed how to stop Facebook Group notifications, now we will reveal steps to customize Facebook Page notification settings.

Steps to Customize Facebook Page Notification Settings

To customize your Facebook page notification settings, follow the steps listed below.

This specifically helps to change the notification setting of a particular Facebook Page.

Note: This method is the same for mobile and the Web.

  • Launch the Facebook application and sign in to your account if you are not currently signed in then move to the Facebook page whose notification settings you want to customize.
  • Next, tap on the 3 horizontal dots and then select the Following.
  • On Mobile Devices
    • For PC/Mac: A list of options will pop up, to stop all the notifications from that specific Facebook Page, simply click on All Off under Notifications. But if you want to make changes in the current notification setting for an individual page then click on the pencil icon against Notification.
    • For Android/iPhone App: A new screen titled “Your Subscriptions” will open. (To stop receiving all the notifications, turn off the Get Notifications toggle button) But to customize the setting, tap on Edit Notification Settings.
  • A new screen will open where you can change the notification setting for that particular page based on your needs.
  • To receive notifications for all the posts from that particular page, then you need to choose “All Posts under Posts option”. By default for all posts, the notification is off.

How to stop comments’ Notifications on Facebook

We’ve been discussing Facebook notifications ever since, but we are yet to discuss the most irritating notification, getting notifications when someone comments on a post. Well, it is cool to leave the best for the last. Facebook comments are quite unlimited as it ranges from comments on one’s post, respond to comments on friends’ post and many more. Unless you want to keep an eye on who is commenting on your friends’ post, it is advisable to simply turn off these notifications. We will discuss two methods to stop Facebook comments notifications.

Method 1: Stop Facebook Notifications When Someone Comments After You

Follow these step by step guides to stop getting notifications on Facebook from friends’ posts.

For App & Desktop: The procedure for Android, iPhone and desktop users is the same.

  1. Launch Facebook and sign in to your account (on browser/app).
  2. Open the post you wish to disable the notifications.
  3. Now click on the drop-down or 3 dots icon at the top right of the post.
  4. Afterward, choose “Turn off notifications for this post” option.

That’s the simple way to stop receiving notification for any post on Facebook.

Method 2: Turn Off Notifications On Facebook for Specific Post

This method can only be achieved with the Facebook full website, so if you assess Facebook from your PC, use these quick steps.

  1. Launch the Facebook website from any web browser.
  2. Sign in to your account, click on the notifications icon and look for the specific notification you want to disable.
  3. Now, click on the three dots next to the notification.
  4. Choose “Turn off notifications about this photo” option.

As soon as you choose the above option, you will stop getting notifications for that particular post on Facebook. Simply do this for all posts you wish to disable notifications for.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide on FACEBOOK NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. We know Facebook notification is good as a source of reminder and help get things done but this should not come in the form of disturbance to us. Use this guide now and tweak your Facebook notifications settings as desired. I trust the guide was straight forward and helpful? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.


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